Guaranteed SEO Rankings inSearch Engines

We at Bronze Media are committed to deliver page one rankings for your SEO Keywords. Our team of professionals applying optimisation on your website are done 100% in Singapore and we do not outsource any part to other countries so you can trust that all our methods are white hat and guaranteed rankings in Search Engines.

Our SEO techniques are guaranteed white hat and we do by means of article submissions, directories, and social bookmarking which makes it natural. We have successfully rank our clients in page one of Google for certain high competitive keywords with a new website in just 2 months of their website live.

Bronze Media partners with SEO Magic Links, which is the leading SEO analysing tool and give you updates on your SEO keywords on a daily basis in real time across the 3 major search engines.

Contact us to be a leader in your industry online, we guarantee that you will like our services and the results you see.

It is time we break out of the SEO Shelter

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come to make its popularity since it started about 10 years ago. In the past when we talk about SEO, no body seems to know or bother about it. People brush it off and do not understand why they need the internet to do advertising. Those were the era of Yellow Pages and the Green Book, you look out for information from the free copy of the directory or search through the CD they provided you to look for the services you need.

But time has changed since then, gone are the days of the traditional media and now internet is taking over. The only major player now in the market when it comes to internet marketing is Google. Google is not only a powerful search engine, but also a source for useful information for online users. We simply just have to Google it. A common term used now a days when hunting online.

Because of the popularity of the internet, many companies have came online and having a web presence is a must for any businesses to succeed. If you are not seen or searchable online and do not have a website, then you will be missing out potential traffic and traffic means business. Its like you owning a retail shop front and having visitors to your shop. With a flood of visitors, you will get sales, but if there is no visitors, of course you will just get an egg for the day.

Being online doesn’t simply mean you have a website is good enough, you will need to set your presence right as well, you will need to be everywhere and easily found. Your products or services might be a niche (small market competition) or a mass produce. Having said so, there are 2 ways which this can be accomplished. You could either do online advertising, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) or SEO.

SEM, or PPC works by having an advertisement listed on the search engines and you only pay when someone clicks on the ads. This is a fast way to see your business online but its also an expensive way. On average, one click is about $2.00 in year 2015 and having a traffic of 100 visitors a day to your website will means you will need to pay about $200 a day. And that is only for just one single keyword. What if you have a range of services and products and you have up to 10 keywords or even 50. You will go bankrupt before you even make money spending on advertisements.

Keywords are words we type in the search engines to search for something, if you are selling mobile phones, then your keywords will be “mobile phones”, “hand phones”, “portable phones” etc.

Another method of having an online presence is optimizing your website for positive search results. This is what we call SEO. SEO is a method of optimizing your website structure, content and building quality links to your website so that you can achieve top rankings in the search engines for your keywords. There is no high cost to pay and there is no limit to the number of clicks you can get. You do not need to pay anything for clicks and all traffic you get is entirely free.

Imagine the cost savings you will get should you have like a 50 keywords list, the amount of savings is substantial to pay off a new house or a brand new BMW or Jaguar premium car. SEO has gain popularity gradually over the past years and its the most common topic online.

At Bronze Media, we specialise in SEO and that is why we are able to perform under cover SEO services to SEO agencies around the world. We have been working under cover for SEO companies and helping their clients to rank on page one on the Giant search engine. Its been 3 years and we have decided to come out and to serve you directly. Reducing your cost in branding and online presence and achieve top ranks.

Our SEO services are currently available in Singapore, Philippines, China, Malaysia and USA (America). Bronze Media is a Singapore based Branding, Marketing & Communications company which specialized in local SEO services. All SEO works are done inhouse and in Singapore and we never outsource any work to other countires. (Outsourcing agencies from India, please do not approach us) you can find out more about us at

I was Depressed & Lost all hope

I hate everyone calling me a fatso. After my marriage and giving birth to 2 pretty girls, my husband doesn’t take a second look at me and say that i am not as beautiful when he first met me 5 years ago. In the past, he would gaze at me for hours and tell me how much he loved me and how beautiful i was. But after my 2nd child, i have gained so much weight and not i do not look like the one he knew. Even i could not recognize myself.

See my photo below.


It was not until i was reading an article online, it was one of the recommended post in a random website and i got to know about this 3 week diet challenge. That has changed my life totally.

I will not show my after photo yet until i have completed the challenge. But its been about just 1 week and i have lost 14lbs.

Stay tuned to my success or you can get the system from their website at

New Trends of SEO Singapore

For most companies in Singapore, SEO is no longer an “Alien” jargon to them as it has become the most essential online marketing tool in the Digital world of internet.

Thanks to search engine like Google and Yahoo whom has introduce the concept of SEO known as
Search Engine Optimization to the Business world in Asia in the 90s.
SEO in short is a process of getting online traffic from the search results which has the potential to convert to sales.
Nowadays, companies in Singapore has increasingly aware that consumers whether corporate or general are more cautious and demanding and they will do a lot of research on the company’s background to determine the creditability and reliability before they make the decision to purchase the product or services from the selected vendor.

Understanding the marketing trend, business owners have discard the traditional modes of advertisement
such as newspaper, radios and TV advertisements and tapping on the power of internet to get the conversion
of sales. Which is definitely a more efficient method and cost saving in long term for them.

Most business owners strongly believe that getting High rankings aka first page in the Google search engine will get a better sales conversion as most consumers will only scan through the first or second page of the search engine pages when they type the related keywords for the products or services they desired.

Which in turn encourage the business owners to allocate more budgets to do the PPC known as Pay per click and even engage SEO companies to run the campaign for them and get the desirable results.

Although using the SEO services is a more economical way of advertising and marketing especially in Singapore. Business owners will need to understand that SEO is a long term and gradual process to get the desirable sales conversions.

SEO Hacks Revealed

Does any of these questions ever come to your mind?

  • Who created SEO?
  • Why do we need SEO now?
  • Why is SEO service so expensive?
  • Do i really need SEO to rank my website up?
  • What are the benefits of doing SEO myself and comparing it with a SEO Company?
  • Is there any difference in outsourcing it to an SEO agency in Singapore vs other countries like China and India?
  • How could a single person perform SEO for so many companies and yet make money and rank all in page 1?

If these questions ever run across your mind, then its time you know the truth about SEO. Secrets of SEO that all SEO companies kept mum about it. (I might get bomb with email for letting out this secret of the SEO agency)

We are here to help you to achieve top rankings of your website for keywords with high traffic and search volume. Your website is better than your competitors. Your content is more juicier and you have a blog that updates regularly. You have done every single method explained in all the forums and yet you cannot get yourself rank up in the search engines. You have engaged multiple SEO Professionals and SEO companies and even celebrity SEO professionals to rank your website but they do not last. You have switched to doing paid advertising but the fees are too high and your business is affecting because of this. 

If you are exactly as the above, then you will need to seek the truth about it. No more lies, No more secrets, all just the truth about it and i will personally teach you all of these.

Find out all you need to know, All the secrets, Save your self money and perform these task yourself. Sign up for our SEO Hacks 1to1 Training course 

Our 1 to 1 SEO Training course run every Saturday from 12 noon to 5pm. A 5 hours course to master all you need to know. In this SEO Training course this is what you need to bring.

  • A Notebook with AC power adapter.
  • Have a valid verified email address for me to send you links
  • An existing website with access to your admin panel
  • Windows based notebook with the ability to install software for 1 to 1 coaching experience
  • Your own writing materials to take down notes.
  • Audio recording and video taking is strictly prohibited

What is included in this SEO Training Package?

  • 1 Hour of all you can ask questions and answers about SEO and the doubts.
  • 1 hour of SEO Basics explanation.
  • 3 hours of SEO hands on
  • Secret Tools and Software bundle worth $1700 Singapore Dollars.

All SEO Training does not come with any books or notes as every single SEO 1 to 1 Training is customized depends on the level of expertise. We need to protect the interests and identity of the trainers who are veteran in the SEO industry. Our SEO trainers are qualified trainers who have achieve recognition online and also ensure results guaranteed.

This 1 day 5 SEO training, will complete in just 5 hours. We guarantee that this 5 hours will change your life and help you to make money and save thousands of dollars in near future when you learn about the SEO hacks.  This SEO Training Package cost $3000.00 Singapore Dollars. Prepayment is required to secure a seat. Scheduled must be planned 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.  interested participants, please send in your interest and a description of yourself, level of understanding and objectives to maureen(@)

How does a debt collection business stand out from the crowd in a crowded market?

How does a debt collection business stand out from the crowd in a crowded market? This case study looks at how Equitasasia Pte Ltd used Google AdWords to increase sales and expand its business.

Case study summary:

  • Debt collection company looks to stand out from competition in Singapore, China, Hong Kong.
  • Used AdWords to build awareness and give Internet users plenty of information about the company
  • Site traffic increased more than 100% with 15% of Equitasasia now coming from outside of Singapore, China, Hong Kong.

The Challenge

Founded in 2015 by James Lim, headquartered in Singapore with wholly-owned offices in Asia which includes China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. The company also have a network of tested and proven debt collection partners around the world which work on a No Success No Commission structure with a method that works. Competition amongst international Debt collection in Singapore, China and Hong Kong is fierce.

The solution

To differentiate Equitasasia Pte Ltd, James Lim already offered flexibility in rental terms and provided No Commission structure with a method that works. However, she wanted to find new ways to attract customers.

Following advice from DGtraffic, Indonesia’s first Google AdWords Certified Partner, Veronica focused on building PT WIT’s online presence. Her objective was to build awareness and give Internet users plenty of information about her car rental service.

As a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, Equitasasia Pte Ltd found that AdWords offered a highly cost-effective way to drive traffic to and increase phone inquiries and sales leads.

The results

Google AdWords has increased traffic to the Equitasasia site more than 100%. With Google AdWords, James has also started advertising to neighboring countries; 15% of Equitasasia customers now come from outside of these countries. With AdWords features like automatic bidding, James can bring the most clicks possible within his budget. He can also use AdWords reporting to see which keywords are the most popular; as a result, she can decide which car types and rental coverage areas to invest in.

With the success afforded by Google AdWords through Bronze Media LLP, James has expanded her business into new markets (countries).

Dental Clinic in Teeth Whitening Soars Up Page 1

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a form of internet marketing strategy that places your website at the top of search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to place your website on top of your competitors’ website. The better you optimize your website, the higher your website is ranked in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). You can be sure that your potential customers see your website on the internet search listings before they get to your competitors’.

Who should do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

At Bronze Media, we believe the true value of a website is determined by the amount of leads it can convert to the website owner for the growth of the business. What is the point of having a website without any targeted traffic being generated from it? Moreover, SEO provides you with free and unlimited leads. We recommend all website owners to do SEO for greater traffic and leads generation. It is also good for branding as well.

Case Study of a Dental Clinic in Singapore (Company name confidential)

We use Google Keyword Planner and search for the keywords which bring targeted traffic to their website.

We have optimize for them many keywords and below is the performance of their campaign. In this performance, you can see a sample of how many FREE Traffic she has gotten from her SEO.

This campaign is 6 months as of Dec 2015

Points to take note on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where you can get your advertisement up on top of search engines in a couple of minutes, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may take up to 3-6 months to see results.

How SEO generated a 198% increase in traffic and 41% increase in revenue for Feel Unique

Feel Unique is Europe’s largest online retailer of premium beauty products stocking over 500 brands and 18,500 products. In order to succeed in a highly competitive field and stand out online, the beauty retailer enlisted the expertise of SEO agency Builtvisible.

Case study summary

  • Feel Unique improved search keywords and created great content to drive high quality links to the website
  • The beauty retailer saw a 356% increase in organic visibility
  • Feel Unique increased organic traffic to its website by 198%


Operating in a highly competitive field and competing for growth against established high street brands, Feel Unique wanted to improve their organic traffic and increase revenue.


  1. Research

Builtvisible’s first step with Feel Unique was to form a complete picture of the market, and understand exactly how Feel Unique needed to adapt their content and site structure to fully meet demand and match their competitors. The research also extended to seasonal projects, reviewing strategies for maximising SEO in the lead up to Christmas.

Keyword research for Feel Unique:

Feel Unique1

  1. Technical Consulting

As with any ecommerce site, Feel Unique faced the challenge of scaling the site without negatively impacting crawl efficiency. To overcome this technical SEO work included in-depth technical audits, regular “quick wins audits” and mobile SEO consulting.’s organic visibility over the past two years:

Feel Unique2

  1. Content Marketing & Link Building

To remain competitive, Feel Unique ensured a regular flow of high quality links to the domain were generated. With coverage on media publishers including Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph and Daily Mail, the new content produced both strong links for SEO and great brand coverage and PR value.

By monitoring brand activity and responding immediately to any opportunities, the domain has been strengthened further by converting non-linked brand mentions into links to the domain. This activity alone resulted in links from authoritative publications such as Hollywood Life, The Express, Daily Star and Glamour Magazine.

Feel Unique3

Creative work:

  • Happy New You–
    • Classical Beauty: French Pharmacy’– Cosmopolitan
    • For the Love of Colour– Daily Mail
    • Remarkable Women: 16 Women who Shaped the World’ –
    • Global Beauty Trends – The Telegraph

Overall results for Feel Unique:

  • 198% increase in organic traffic
    • 41% increase in revenue via organic
    • 356% increase in organic visibility
    • 174% increase in pages driving organic traffic

How MAC cosmetics identified wasted impressions and increased conversions with Facebook’s Atlas tool

Digital ad campaigns which rely on cookies for ad targeting can often produce misleading results, wasted impressions and missed conversions. For the launch of MAC’s new eye shadow line, the cosmetics brand used Facebook’s Atlas tool for people based marketing to improve ad targeting.

Case study summary

  • MAC cosmetics used Facebook’s Atlas tool to identify ad impressions which were not being targeted at its key audience
  • By using people based targeting compared to cookies, MAC ensured that its ads were viewed by its target audience
  • MAC saw a 16% increase in conversions from using people based targeting


MAC cosmetics worked with digital agency NetBooster to generate awareness for the launch of a new eye shadow line and drive ecommerce sales. The target market for the campaign was females aged 18-24 (primary) and 25-44 (secondary). The results from previous campaigns using cookies showed that 18% of the ad spend had been spent on wasted impressions and some conversions had been “lost in attribution” due to cross-device behaviour. To reduce ad spend wastage, NetBooster wanted to see media demographic insights to compare people and cookies.

NetBooster used Atlas, people based delivery analytics to quantify the demographic receiving the targeted ads.

What is Atlas?


By using Atlas, NetBooster found that in previous campaigns one third of campaign impressions were men when the ads had been targeted at women. The money that had previously been spent on off target advertising could be invested on higher performing channels for the new campaign.

By using people based ad targeting, MAC could identify the top publishers and platforms to place their master heads, classic display ads and ad blogs. MAC discovered that niche publishers such as a fashion periodical delivered 43% of its impressions to the key demographic of women aged 18-34 resulting in a higher ROI than other publishers.


In the comparison of people vs. cookies, people-based ad targeting identified 16% more conversions than cookie-based, demonstrating the value of mobile data and measuring the actions of real people across devices. Cookies were also found to overstate the campaign’s reach by 9%, while also understating ad frequency by 10%.

By using people based targeting through Facebook’s Atlas, MAC had more success in targeting its ads at the right audience.

Heineken inspires adventure with page takeovers

Heineken used PageSkin Plus to promote their Cities of the World campaign in Hong Kong. This case study looks at how the beer brand achieved 75.98 second average PageSkin dwell time with a smart page takeover ad.

Case study summary

  • Beer brand promotes adventure in global campaign
  • Local Hong Kong display ads use smart page takeovers
  • High engagement with 75% completion rate of the TVC

The challenge

The beer brand wanted to inspire men to live worldly, new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities. To target users in Hong Kong, they used a special online display ad take over in partbnership with InSkin Media.

The solution

The fully integrated global campaign, ‘Cities of the World’, included a 2 minute TV commercial online ads and special edition Heineken bottles.

The online campaign aimed to inspire men to live worldly, new adventures by unlocking the secrets of their cities, so the combination of InSkin Media’s portfolio of high-end men’s lifestyle sites, the premium in-house production, and high-impact format, incorporating the campaign video, product shots, campaign messaging and call-to-action, was perfect.

The results

• 0.44% CTR
• 75.98 second average PageSkin dwell time
• Total dwell time of 7,534 hours
• 75% completion rate of the TVC