Build a profitable Website with Internet Marketing with SEO

What is internet marketing?

It is a form of online digital marketing which makes uses of the internet for its marketing communications to
get targeted visitors to your website and to earn a decent profit from your website.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process called search engine optimization to get high rankings and number 1 position for your keywords
to be found on the page 1 of search engines.

What is a website?

Website is like your store front. You need a store front for information and a store front to showcase your
products. It is the most basic for internet marketing and you will need to develop a website. If your do not
have a develope website, you will need website development.

What is the relationship between internet marketing and SEO?

SEO is one of the modules in internet marketing, think about it as internet marketing as a basket and seo is
just one of the item in it.

So how do i make a profitable income with these through digital marketing?

Bronze Media explains the details as below,
First step, get a website ready, you will need to purchase a domain and get a reliable web hosting company.
Avoid those budget web hosting company as ultimately you want stability to your business and website. A decent
$10.00 a month at least is good but of course more expensive is most of the time a better choice for hosting
your business website.
Next, you will need to have a product or a service which you are very good at. At Bronze Media, we are good at
rendering design services like branding and logo design. Our principal designer, Ms Elis Chai Li Yoon is a multi
award winning designer with over 20 years of experience in design, branding and communications. So when you have
a service to recommend to your customer, talk about your strengths of the company and what you can achieve.
Content is king, you might have heard it many times and the rule of the thumb still stands. You will need good
content for your website. If there is no good content, there will not be good audience to stay on an engage you
for your services. Always write original content, as to avoid being pandalize by the Google panda. If you do not
know what is google panda, visit other parts of our website for information on Google Panda or simply just
google it!
Do onsite optimization, onsite optimization is tweaking your website to be search engine friendly, you might
need to know a little of programming like basic HTML in order to do this step.
Now final step, write content daily, and update your website with new content and products if there is
regularly. It is important to have fresh new content, no body likes to visit a website which is outdated or have
information which is like 2 to 3 years old or even longer.

So how do i make money then?

Its simple, When you have more traffic to your website, like on you will have more targeted visitors looking for the
service you are rendering, and these visitors are potential customers. So you really can make money online but
its not going to be easy.

Is a Good web design important?

Web design may not be too important to many, but i must say that web design is very important factor when coming
to sell to consumers. You and me, we are both consumers. Would you buy something from a website which looks like
i came out of a trash can or would you buy and trust someone who has a better appearance. Honestly, the saying
of Do not judge a book by its cover is totally correct as everyone judges a book by its cover.

What do i do if i need help in web development and web design?

If you need help ion getting started with a website and search engine friendly SEO optimized website, you can
engage bronze media for websites at just $1000 in Singapore dollars.
More information on website profits to be continued.

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