Customers are Attracted to and Impressed with the Great Design.

Every time I open the mail box, it is filled with a lot of brochures and flyers. I throw away those rough design on poor-quality paper first and read those with outstanding designs. The quality brochures will be took home for further reading, and they will usually survive for half to one year in my house. Finally, I tear pieces of paper from the brochure as a placemat when I have meals, so that the table will not get over dirty. It is very interesting I get used to reading the brochure content to kill time when I have meals alone.


I believe you have similar experience and you may buy one of the products or services listed in the brochure with great design. Not considering of the price or quality itself, the great design does much help to the business. So it is clear to see the importance and influence of the great design.


Design Matters A Lot!


Design is more than the paper you deliver to mail boxes and the content displayed on it, such as promotions, new arriving and events. It is a special way to advertise your brand with the unique and elegant design. When people got yellow letters on a blue background, I am sure most of you will think of IKEA. It is power of a successful design and branding, reminding customers of the brand as soon as they see the design.


With the development of e-commerce, online shopping shares a piece of pie in the market. Customers make a purchase referring to the images displayed on the shopping website and the reputation of the business. Therefore, the web design and photography play important roles in e-commerce.


Furthermore, social media is becoming a main way of marketing as well as the main platform to interact with customers. You cannot rely on the plain words to tell people about your products, services, discount information or coming events. It is necessary to show customers with an attractive advertisement with essential information and inspiring images.


Would anyone like to drop in the restaurant and ask for discount information? Or do people prefer to know the discount immediately when they glance at the advertisement in the window? The answer is window adverting, obviously. I am afraid you make a mistake if you think the price or the discount on advertisement is most important. People would not like to move on to the details when they see a poorly designed advertisement with ugly food image and pretty disorganized layout.


Bronze Media cares about design, as well as your success!


Great design counts for much in marketing and branding as it shows the taste and appreciation level of the business, as well as the sincerity and attraction to customers. Moreover, great design is part of successful branding, which makes people remember the product, food, service and the company. The business will be valued when people touch and see the brochures, which is the reason each company has to invest in designing.


A lot of designers are able to complete their tasks on time but they don’t ensure quality, because they have no concept of clients. Clients cannot be treated as a tool of making money, but as a partner in business to achieve both-win with you. Bronze Media is a professional company caring about clients and their success, instead of only looking at money.


Bronze Media team has experienced and best designer providing brochure design services. We deliver only the best to make sure our clients will benefit from what we’ve done. Customized designs are always provided to clients with special requirements. Our designers promise to respect your demands and give the most appropriate and suitable suggestions. A great brochure design will be the important factor of your branding and marketing, to make people know about your business and remember it when appreciating the unique work.

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Our Brochure Design services:

  • Corporate Brochure Design
  • Sales Brochure Design
  • Product Brochure Design
  • Service Brochure Design
  • Menu Design
  • Security Brochure Design
  • Luxury Brochure Design


Mostly brochures are created in a booklet format of A4 or A5 sized landscape format, but custom sizes are provided as well. Standard bindings of saddle stitched or perfect bind depending on the total number of pages.


We deliver the best and cherish the high reputation. If you love great design, talk to us at +65 8292 3955 or email us at


For more of our creative design portfolio, please go to our portfolio page.

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