Do i really need a Logo Design for my business?

Do i really need a Logo Design for my business or can i just create it using those software available online for free?

The choice is entirely yours, to have a long term business which people can relate to and to have a brand and a image which people can remember what you represent for like McDonald, Nike, Coca Cola. All these are a form of branding and the choice of a good and intuitive logo design.

Every logo tells a story about the company, How is it form, why was it form. And in Chinese believe, it also tells the direction and the energy of the flow of the company. Thus having a logo design for your company is very important and should not just do it for the sake of it.

Logo design comes in many shapes and sizes and comes in many prices with many different graphic designers depending on their experience and skill level. Some people will turn to freelancers or those Fiverr sites to get their logo design.

Such decision of the company of budget design of the llogo only means the company is not interested in doing a long term business with you but more to a fast one time transaction to rip you off.

Logo design also normally comes with a corporate identity package. Which means your logo design in colored and reverse black and white. Guidelines on how it should be positioned and where it should and should not be positioned. Corporate identity kits include the design of letter heads, envelopes, folders, name cards and also sometimes include the website design as well.

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