Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Services

The best way to reach out to your customers is directly to their email inbox. Its similar to you receiving letters from the letterbox at your home but this is in the form of a digital email format. Email marketing is by far the most cost efficient way of sending out information of your campaign in the most economical and environmental methods.

But emails always go to spam folders for advertising emails, Yes this is true because many people do not know that when creating a marketing email, it is important to be sure of the amount of content over the number of lines of code. In order to have a high inbox rates for your email marketing campaign, you will need a balance ration of 70% content and 30% coding. Images need to be called on from a web server and emails should have alternate text elements.

Many email marketing agency do not tell you this as this is the responsibility of the client.

Get a Good readership

Similar to marketing mailers in the letter box we get.whether it will have a 2nd glance of your mailer or to have a good read of it depends on the first impression. Impression is determined by the design of thepiece of information being delivered. Having email marketing campaign or mass direct mail drops in letter box also covers branding. A good branding, means a good eye catchy design. This will result in a good campaign.

At Bronze Media we offer email marketing services for all types of campaigns and we design for you eye catchy advertisements which actually converts. We have 2 lead designers on board with us with experience in designing top MNC corporate identity, collaterals and even product design with experience of 28 years collectively.

Our email marketing services uses a method of domain throttling and IP address switching to ensure high success rate of inbox, at 99.9% and high open rates with click through rates.

Need a database for sending

Sorry, we do not sell leads but we can send them on behalf for you. We also have a unique customized system which allows you to get anykind of database of emails from any part of the world. This email marketing software gets you leads but not send the email, you will still need a email marketing service which we provide to you at a low of just $0.02 per email.

Find out more about email marketing software and call us at 82923955 or email to us on our contact form.

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