It is time we break out of the SEO Shelter

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come to make its popularity since it started about 10 years ago. In the past when we talk about SEO, no body seems to know or bother about it. People brush it off and do not understand why they need the internet to do advertising. Those were the era of Yellow Pages and the Green Book, you look out for information from the free copy of the directory or search through the CD they provided you to look for the services you need.

But time has changed since then, gone are the days of the traditional media and now internet is taking over. The only major player now in the market when it comes to internet marketing is Google. Google is not only a powerful search engine, but also a source for useful information for online users. We simply just have to Google it. A common term used now a days when hunting online.

Because of the popularity of the internet, many companies have came online and having a web presence is a must for any businesses to succeed. If you are not seen or searchable online and do not have a website, then you will be missing out potential traffic and traffic means business. Its like you owning a retail shop front and having visitors to your shop. With a flood of visitors, you will get sales, but if there is no visitors, of course you will just get an egg for the day.

Being online doesn’t simply mean you have a website is good enough, you will need to set your presence right as well, you will need to be everywhere and easily found. Your products or services might be a niche (small market competition) or a mass produce. Having said so, there are 2 ways which this can be accomplished. You could either do online advertising, also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) or SEO.

SEM, or PPC works by having an advertisement listed on the search engines and you only pay when someone clicks on the ads. This is a fast way to see your business online but its also an expensive way. On average, one click is about $2.00 in year 2015 and having a traffic of 100 visitors a day to your website will means you will need to pay about $200 a day. And that is only for just one single keyword. What if you have a range of services and products and you have up to 10 keywords or even 50. You will go bankrupt before you even make money spending on advertisements.

Keywords are words we type in the search engines to search for something, if you are selling mobile phones, then your keywords will be “mobile phones”, “hand phones”, “portable phones” etc.

Another method of having an online presence is optimizing your website for positive search results. This is what we call SEO. SEO is a method of optimizing your website structure, content and building quality links to your website so that you can achieve top rankings in the search engines for your keywords. There is no high cost to pay and there is no limit to the number of clicks you can get. You do not need to pay anything for clicks and all traffic you get is entirely free.

Imagine the cost savings you will get should you have like a 50 keywords list, the amount of savings is substantial to pay off a new house or a brand new BMW or Jaguar premium car. SEO has gain popularity gradually over the past years and its the most common topic online.

At Bronze Media, we specialise in SEO and that is why we are able to perform under cover SEO services to SEO agencies around the world. We have been working under cover for SEO companies and helping their clients to rank on page one on the Giant search engine. Its been 3 years and we have decided to come out and to serve you directly. Reducing your cost in branding and online presence and achieve top ranks.

Our SEO services are currently available in Singapore, Philippines, China, Malaysia and USA (America). Bronze Media is a Singapore based Branding, Marketing & Communications company which specialized in local SEO services. All SEO works are done inhouse and in Singapore and we never outsource any work to other countires. (Outsourcing agencies from India, please do not approach us) you can find out more about us at

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