SEO Hacks Revealed

Does any of these questions ever come to your mind?

  • Who created SEO?
  • Why do we need SEO now?
  • Why is SEO service so expensive?
  • Do i really need SEO to rank my website up?
  • What are the benefits of doing SEO myself and comparing it with a SEO Company?
  • Is there any difference in outsourcing it to an SEO agency in Singapore vs other countries like China and India?
  • How could a single person perform SEO for so many companies and yet make money and rank all in page 1?

If these questions ever run across your mind, then its time you know the truth about SEO. Secrets of SEO that all SEO companies kept mum about it. (I might get bomb with email for letting out this secret of the SEO agency)

We are here to help you to achieve top rankings of your website for keywords with high traffic and search volume. Your website is better than your competitors. Your content is more juicier and you have a blog that updates regularly. You have done every single method explained in all the forums and yet you cannot get yourself rank up in the search engines. You have engaged multiple SEO Professionals and SEO companies and even celebrity SEO professionals to rank your website but they do not last. You have switched to doing paid advertising but the fees are too high and your business is affecting because of this. 

If you are exactly as the above, then you will need to seek the truth about it. No more lies, No more secrets, all just the truth about it and i will personally teach you all of these.

Find out all you need to know, All the secrets, Save your self money and perform these task yourself. Sign up for our SEO Hacks 1to1 Training course 

Our 1 to 1 SEO Training course run every Saturday from 12 noon to 5pm. A 5 hours course to master all you need to know. In this SEO Training course this is what you need to bring.

  • A Notebook with AC power adapter.
  • Have a valid verified email address for me to send you links
  • An existing website with access to your admin panel
  • Windows based notebook with the ability to install software for 1 to 1 coaching experience
  • Your own writing materials to take down notes.
  • Audio recording and video taking is strictly prohibited

What is included in this SEO Training Package?

  • 1 Hour of all you can ask questions and answers about SEO and the doubts.
  • 1 hour of SEO Basics explanation.
  • 3 hours of SEO hands on
  • Secret Tools and Software bundle worth $1700 Singapore Dollars.

All SEO Training does not come with any books or notes as every single SEO 1 to 1 Training is customized depends on the level of expertise. We need to protect the interests and identity of the trainers who are veteran in the SEO industry. Our SEO trainers are qualified trainers who have achieve recognition online and also ensure results guaranteed.

This 1 day 5 SEO training, will complete in just 5 hours. We guarantee that this 5 hours will change your life and help you to make money and save thousands of dollars in near future when you learn about the SEO hacks.  This SEO Training Package cost $3000.00 Singapore Dollars. Prepayment is required to secure a seat. Scheduled must be planned 3 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.  interested participants, please send in your interest and a description of yourself, level of understanding and objectives to maureen(@)

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