Does the MagicLinks Software really work? Review 2015

Recently we have been introduced to a online seo software by a Singapore company. It is under the Magic Links Software by Voraccino Software. This online application is a seo application for seo purpose and this is our review on the software for those people intending to embark on this system.

Magic Links is one of the best seo software applications available for tracking and managing your search engine optimization efforts. It has a user-friendly dashboard and a range of tools to help you simplify SEO maintenance.

The tools allow you find and optimize your keywords, build and manage links and analyze your competitors’ SEO. It is fully compatible with all systems an all browsers as this is an online application. There is no need to get special operating systems like Windows or any type for it.

Choosing a reliable SEO software can vastly improve your SEO efforts. It can help you manage various SEO tools and keep up with changes in algorithms and SEO strategies.

Magic Links offers a full SEO package to provide you with valuable SEO resources. Think of it as SEO on auto pilot. This software also does white hat seo practices to ensure you rankings in the search engines are high and permanent with the daily realtime seo report.


SEO Magic Links offers in-depth competitor analysis to help you get ahead of the competition.


High Price factor, but other than that, Quality is never compromise.

The main features of this powerful software:

  • Daily Reports send directly to your Email
  • Rankings are localized to Singapore.
  • Check rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Comparison with Competitors
  • Check search volume and particular keyword driving you traffic
  • Find out about your Page Rank and History
  • Overview of Referrals bringing traffic to you
  • See the total number of backlinks you have
  • Social Media Buzz build in and see who is talking about you on Facebook & Twitter
  • Social Bookmarking to see how many people have bookmarked you
  • On Page optimization Analysis
  • Keyword Density and content benchmarking
  • Indexed Pages to search engines
  • Backlink checker and Guarder
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Directory submission for link building.
  • Directory selection
  • Profiles creation to set user identity
  • Blog reviews for organic write up on your site
  • Blog selection for Online Reputation Management
  • Customer search and enquiry automated system
  • Reports downloading with date selection

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