Website Development Vs Web Design

What is the difference between website development and website design?

Many people always get confused when they search online for website development company and website design. Do they mean the same thing? Well in actually fact, they are totally different but to the layman person they mean the same.

A website development is building a website with a Content Management System, or what we commonly hear as a CMS. This can be build on various method. WordPress is a CMS, and so is drupal and many other systems. A website development is normally a customized project of development to the back end of the website for a particular function. The function can be like E-commerce driven or can also be a membership website. As long as it’s a function that needs to be customized, it is considered a website development project.

What is the price range for a website development?

Website development normally ranges from a minimum of $15,000.00 to up to $1,000,000.00 in cases where it is complicated. This is calculated based on the level of expertise from the programmers or better known as web developers and their skill level and the time it takes to complete the web development project assigned to them. In most companies, website developers are paid an average of $25 to $50 per hour.

Although projects like Word Press Based Web Development projects may seem simple to many but there is actually much time to consider in this development to ensure that quality web development project is delivered to the client. Normally for a Word Press website, there will be about 3 developers to work on it. And everyone will have a role to play in the development life cycle. It is not just a one man show and can be settled type of development work.

Your website is ultimately your main source of sales leads so it is very important to find the right website development company who can manage your project efficiently. Do not consider those cheap freelancers or those programmers from other countries other than you own. Unless it’s a big and reputable company. As in the end if there is something wrong with your website development, you will have a migraine on it and the changes and fixes will be time consuming.

Website development also normally comes with a warranty of 1 month or 30 days from completion. Bronze Media LLP Singapore is the only Website development company in Singapore which offers a warranty of 90 days so it is worry free.

What is website design?

The term web design simply means designing of the website. A web designer does not means a web development project But normally with the demand of aesthetic beauty to the websites, Website designer and Website developers are always working closely to each other on projects.

A web design project normally is just done in simple HTML based or using software like dream weaver. You are actually paying for the expertise of a creative designer to do up your website rather then the development of the project. Designers needs time to be creative and they are expensive as compared to developers. Designers always have to think of new ideas, and developers is just plain coding development work.

A web design is considered to be good if the designer can illustrate out different variations for your choice. A design work is normally done by 1 single designer to undertake the client responsibility alone.

What is the price range for a web design?

The price range for a web design actually depends on the level of experience and exposure the designer has. In web design you can find those interns or students to do for you, but of course, you pay how much you get the equivalent in quality. A experience designer normally gets paid between $6000 to $8000 a month and those average designers get paid about just $2000 to $3000 a month

So for a website design project, the key is to response fast to the web design company and not make that much changes as it will greatly reduce your overall cost to your company.

If you are thinking of doing a website design and if the web design company tells you that it will take about 2 weeks, just do an estimate calculation of his salary for 2 weeks and the cost of the web design will be about there. You might need to put in some extra like 30 to 50% of the costing to it as the company still needs to earn something and its not just a resource rental service.

Web Design with Web Development costing?

Now we understand the different terms of web design and website development, we can easily put the costing together to calculate how much will ie cost.

With the scenario as below, A web development project takes about 1 month to complete for a wordpress based website.

  • You will need 3 developers with an average salary of $25/$50/$50 for each hour
  • 1 day total salary is $125.00
  • Based on 1 month project, the total days will be at 22 working days so its 22 days X 8 hours X $125.00 =$22,000.00
  • Add the web designer salary we just factor in half a month is about $4,000.00
  • Thus for a web design and web development project, it will cost an estimate about $26,000.00

WOW. That’s a lot of money! Yes and we know the economic sense of it and because the developers are not only working on your project but consecutively working on other projects at the same time thus the fees is normally around the $15,000.00 range

Do you know you can claim for PIC from IRAS Singapore for your web development and web design? Check out our next article post to find out more or call us at 82923955 or send us an email with your enquiry and we will be most happy to assist you.

Do i really need a Logo Design for my business?

Do i really need a Logo Design for my business or can i just create it using those software available online for free?

The choice is entirely yours, to have a long term business which people can relate to and to have a brand and a image which people can remember what you represent for like McDonald, Nike, Coca Cola. All these are a form of branding and the choice of a good and intuitive logo design.

Every logo tells a story about the company, How is it form, why was it form. And in Chinese believe, it also tells the direction and the energy of the flow of the company. Thus having a logo design for your company is very important and should not just do it for the sake of it.

Logo design comes in many shapes and sizes and comes in many prices with many different graphic designers depending on their experience and skill level. Some people will turn to freelancers or those Fiverr sites to get their logo design.

Such decision of the company of budget design of the llogo only means the company is not interested in doing a long term business with you but more to a fast one time transaction to rip you off.

Logo design also normally comes with a corporate identity package. Which means your logo design in colored and reverse black and white. Guidelines on how it should be positioned and where it should and should not be positioned. Corporate identity kits include the design of letter heads, envelopes, folders, name cards and also sometimes include the website design as well.

Take a look at our portfolio of designs which we have done

View our recent portfolio of designs here

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Email Marketing Service

Email Marketing Services

The best way to reach out to your customers is directly to their email inbox. Its similar to you receiving letters from the letterbox at your home but this is in the form of a digital email format. Email marketing is by far the most cost efficient way of sending out information of your campaign in the most economical and environmental methods.

But emails always go to spam folders for advertising emails, Yes this is true because many people do not know that when creating a marketing email, it is important to be sure of the amount of content over the number of lines of code. In order to have a high inbox rates for your email marketing campaign, you will need a balance ration of 70% content and 30% coding. Images need to be called on from a web server and emails should have alternate text elements.

Many email marketing agency do not tell you this as this is the responsibility of the client.

Get a Good readership

Similar to marketing mailers in the letter box we get.whether it will have a 2nd glance of your mailer or to have a good read of it depends on the first impression. Impression is determined by the design of thepiece of information being delivered. Having email marketing campaign or mass direct mail drops in letter box also covers branding. A good branding, means a good eye catchy design. This will result in a good campaign.

At Bronze Media we offer email marketing services for all types of campaigns and we design for you eye catchy advertisements which actually converts. We have 2 lead designers on board with us with experience in designing top MNC corporate identity, collaterals and even product design with experience of 28 years collectively.

Our email marketing services uses a method of domain throttling and IP address switching to ensure high success rate of inbox, at 99.9% and high open rates with click through rates.

Need a database for sending

Sorry, we do not sell leads but we can send them on behalf for you. We also have a unique customized system which allows you to get anykind of database of emails from any part of the world. This email marketing software gets you leads but not send the email, you will still need a email marketing service which we provide to you at a low of just $0.02 per email.

Find out more about email marketing software and call us at 82923955 or email to us on our contact form.

Does the MagicLinks Software really work? Review 2015

Recently we have been introduced to a online seo software by a Singapore company. It is under the Magic Links Software by Voraccino Software. This online application is a seo application for seo purpose and this is our review on the software for those people intending to embark on this system.

Magic Links is one of the best seo software applications available for tracking and managing your search engine optimization efforts. It has a user-friendly dashboard and a range of tools to help you simplify SEO maintenance.

The tools allow you find and optimize your keywords, build and manage links and analyze your competitors’ SEO. It is fully compatible with all systems an all browsers as this is an online application. There is no need to get special operating systems like Windows or any type for it.

Choosing a reliable SEO software can vastly improve your SEO efforts. It can help you manage various SEO tools and keep up with changes in algorithms and SEO strategies.

Magic Links offers a full SEO package to provide you with valuable SEO resources. Think of it as SEO on auto pilot. This software also does white hat seo practices to ensure you rankings in the search engines are high and permanent with the daily realtime seo report.


SEO Magic Links offers in-depth competitor analysis to help you get ahead of the competition.


High Price factor, but other than that, Quality is never compromise.

The main features of this powerful software:

  • Daily Reports send directly to your Email
  • Rankings are localized to Singapore.
  • Check rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Comparison with Competitors
  • Check search volume and particular keyword driving you traffic
  • Find out about your Page Rank and History
  • Overview of Referrals bringing traffic to you
  • See the total number of backlinks you have
  • Social Media Buzz build in and see who is talking about you on Facebook & Twitter
  • Social Bookmarking to see how many people have bookmarked you
  • On Page optimization Analysis
  • Keyword Density and content benchmarking
  • Indexed Pages to search engines
  • Backlink checker and Guarder
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Directory submission for link building.
  • Directory selection
  • Profiles creation to set user identity
  • Blog reviews for organic write up on your site
  • Blog selection for Online Reputation Management
  • Customer search and enquiry automated system
  • Reports downloading with date selection

Beware of trending keyword spam that affects your SEO.

“Beat with a shovel the weak google spots” keyword spam is a very shameful tactic used to promote online content. Keyword spammers use this tactic for several reasons:

  • Keyword spammers want to promote a specific webpage, program, or browser add-on and want webmasters to visit the webpage or search for it online and visit it through Google results pages. In this case the keyword spam is promoting thecom add-on for Mozilla.
  • Keyword spammers want to boost their rank in Google Search and acquire backlinks by generating dubious keywords associated with a hostname webpage.

Keyword spam itself is not entirely dangerous to your website. It will most likely not cause any trouble with how your website is accessed by your visitors or ranked by Google. However, in some cases keyword spam may use up your website’s bandwidth and CPU by creating multiple site requests to your website. In other cases, keyword spam is generated by traffic bots which create ghosts hits and never actually land on your website.

The biggest issue with keyword spam is that it can mess up your Google Analytics data. Keyword spam can ruin your website’s bounce rate. Search term traffic from dubious keyword spam hostname URLs ‘mostly’ land on a single page on your website. They also leave from the single page which may create an artificial 100% bounce rate. Keyword spam can also ruin other Google Analytics data including your Acquisition and Behavior data. Since keyword spam only shows up in your Google Analytics metrics you can create a filter to block keyword spam using your GA account.

Keyword spam will not essentially hurt your search terms or the way your website appears in Google. Google is aware of this tactic and is great at protecting websites against “keyword spam bombs.” For example, not too long ago a malware author tried to Google bomb with the term “Viagra.” However, nothing on our website references Viagra and if you search for “Viagra” in Google you will not find listed in search result pages.

How to block “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” keyword spam

At the moment, the only way to stop keyword spam is to make an exclude filter in your Google Analytics account.

  1. Go to theAdmintab.
  2. SelectAll Filtersin the Account section and click + ADD FILTER.
  3. For the filter name enter “beat with a shovel the weak google spots” or something easy you can remember to relate to this spam.

Build a profitable Website with Internet Marketing with SEO

What is internet marketing?
It is a form of online digital marketing which makes uses of the internet for its marketing communications to
get targeted visitors to your website and to earn a decent profit from your website.
What is SEO?
SEO is a process called search engine optimization to get high rankings and number 1 position for your keywords
to be found on the page 1 of search engines.
What is a website?
Website is like your store front. You need a store front for information and a store front to showcase your
products. It is the most basic for internet marketing and you will need to develop a website. If your do not
have a develope website, you will need website development.
What is the relationship between internet marketing and SEO?
SEO is one of the modules in internet marketing, think about it as internet marketing as a basket and seo is
just one of the item in it.
So how do i make a profitable income with these through digital marketing?
Bronze Media explains the details as below,
First step, get a website ready, you will need to purchase a domain and get a reliable web hosting company.
Avoid those budget web hosting company as ultimately you want stability to your business and website. A decent
$10.00 a month at least is good but of course more expensive is most of the time a better choice for hosting
your business website.
Next, you will need to have a product or a service which you are very good at. At Bronze Media, we are good at
rendering design services like branding and logo design. Our principal designer, Ms Elis Chai Li Yoon is a multi
award winning designer with over 20 years of experience in design, branding and communications. So when you have
a service to recommend to your customer, talk about your strengths of the company and what you can achieve.
Content is king, you might have heard it many times and the rule of the thumb still stands. You wiull need good
content for your website. If there is no good content, there will not be good audience to stay on an engage you
for your services. Always write original content, as to avoid being pandalize by the Google panda. If you do not
know what is google panda, visit other parts of our website for information on Google Panda or simply just
google it!
Do onsite optimization, onsite optimization is tweaking your website to be search engine friendly, you might
need to know a little of programming like basic HTML in order to do this step.
Now final step, write content daily, and update your website with new content and products if there is
regularly. It is important to have fresh new content, no body likes to visit a website which is outdated or have
information which is like 2 to 3 years old or even longer.
So how do i make money then?
Its simple, When you have more traffic to your website, you will have more targeted visitors looking for the
service you are rendering, and these visitors are potential customers. So you really can make money online but
its not going to be easy.
Is a Good web design important?
Web design may not be too important to many, but i must say that web design is very important factor when coming
to sell to consumers. You and me, we are both consumers. Would you buy something from a website which looks like
i came out of a trash can or would you buy and trust someone who has a better appearance. Honestly, the saying
of Do not judge a book by its cover is totally correct as everyone judges a book by its cover.
What do i do if i need help in web development and web design?
If you need help ion getting started with a website and search engine friendly SEO optimized website, you can
engage bronze media for websites at just $1000 in Singapore dollars.
More information on website profits to be continued.

Secrets You Don’t Know about SEO Courses.

Shortage of SEO courses.SEO[1]

At a time of global economic depression and high unemployment, a position is still always on the immediate skill shortage list – digital marketing executive and SEO executive, with a well-paid treatment in a lot of companies. Most of businessmen know a little about SEO and understand the importance of the new skill, but they find difficult to hire an experienced and knowledgeable person in the field. Most job hunters attending the interview for a SEO position, they talk about Facebook and Twitter operations but no more essence of digital marketing and SEO.


People who what to improve their advertising skills can easily find a suitable and quick-impact courses. People who what to learn another language could be dazzled by various teaching modes and packages. But why is there very few SEO courses on the market? Why is it so difficult for you to find an ideal SEO executive? And why do those so-called SEO executive do not know the real SEO skills and the essence of the powerful technique?


Bronze Media SEO consultant will explain the reason for you.


Teaching SEO courses is much harder work than just doing SEO.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is on the basis of search engine algorithm and rules and take advantage of them as well. People engaging marketing related work are usually not familiar with search engine algorithm. Moreover, SEO has a lot of specific jargon as well as acronyms, which is hard to explain to the novices. In different cases, SEO campaigns should be different according to the competitiveness of the industry, category of the specific products and competitor analysis, etc. The skills result from experience but not textbooks. You may know some of the SEO experts but they are not good at teaching others on SEO skills.


SEO courses will lead to greater competition.

SEO can bring great profit with the top ranking in search engine. The ranking is the most important thing in SEO process because it results in much more traffic to your website. The more visits, the greater chance to convert visits to purchase and profits. When very few people have knowledge in SEO, they are able to achieve top ranking for their websites very easily. When an increasing number of SEO executive do the same thing to strive for the top ranking, SEO could not be an obvious strength any longer. Every SEO executive has to make double effort to make profits for their company. That is the reason of SEO course shortage.


Bronze Media has experienced and professional SEO consultants. Welcome inquiry if you need SEO courses or services.

Why do You Need SEO Training?

seo-company-tampa[1]SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is a word every marketing executive knows. Some of SEO professionals offer SEO training to people who would like to learn SEO skills and companies in which staff are requested to have SEO knowledge. All the trainees have the same goal that they want more profits with the help of SEO.


No matter you take SEO training spontaneously or just follow what others are doing, you have made a right decision! We understand that some of the trainees are not sure about the essence of SEO or the reason of taking SEO training, Bronze Media will tell you why do you need SEO training and what you will achieve from it.


Search Engine is a powerful platform to do marketing.


Search engine is becoming a huge directory and a platform for marketing as the mobile Internet is experiencing an evolution. People are able to find almost everything they need from search engine because it is a mediation between netizens and your website. If you come out at the top of search engine results, there will be more visits to your website. The power of search engine is the basis of SEO.


SEO training helps your business rank high.


SEO training is aiming to teach you how to earn a top SEO ranking for your business. This is perhaps the most evident advantage of taking a SEO training course. You will be trained to have SEO skills to change the way of marketing with a more targeted, smart and accurate campaign to achieve a long-term result for the company. SEO can be applied to all the industries, not limited to web based business. SEO training will provide you with many optimization techniques required to carry out successful SEO.


SEO training make you professional.


Are you thinking to outsource SEO so that you do not need to spend time on learning the technique? I am afraid you thought wrong. There are a lot of specific jargon as well as acronyms in SEO, which could confuse you if you know nothing about it. If you are trained with SEO skills, you will be able to identify the quality of SEO services when outsourcing SEO to other company.


Bronze Media can help you if you want to be professional on SEO or get to know about it.

SEO consultant in Singapore

As we know all know that SEO has been widely used for Companies and business owners to advertise their product or services to convert the online traffic to sales conversion from the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.

This is especially the case in Singapore where business are very competitive and business owners will need to be innovative in order to beat other competitors in the market.

But using SEO services is always a daunting task as business owners will need to understand the Algorithm aspects of SEO and how to maximize their budget when doing their SEO campaigns after selecting the related keywords to advertise on the search engine and this is just the fundamental steps
to increase your SEO rankings.

Knowing the challenges that companies and business owners finds, many agencies that specialize in SEO and Digital marketing has emerged to offer SEO services and act as SEO consultants to advice the business owners on how to achieve the best results in SEO ranking especially in Google search engine.

SEO consultant will usually discuss with their client and guide them through the process of SEO.
Selection of Keywords which is highly competitive and visible, managing their campaigns, doing link building for their websites and other related task are part of the SEO consultant valuable skillsets to  relieve their client of the hassle  instead of doing SEO by themselves which the end result may not be desirable if the business owners do it the wrong way.

Finding the Right SEO consultant to handle their SEO campaigns and advertisement is never an easy task for companies and business owners as they can only appraise their SEO consultant capability based on the end result which is usually the Sales conversion during or after the campaign.

In Singapore, those SEO consultants and agencies who are well known in the market are very reliable for they can customized a SEO services package but of course the fees will vary accordingly based on the requirements of their client.

Ultimately, it may cost companies and business owners to pay extra to the SEO consultants to run and manage their SEO campaigns but in long term it will be more efficient and effective than managing the campaign themselves.

Customers are Attracted to and Impressed with the Great Design.

Every time I open the mail box, it is filled with a lot of brochures and flyers. I throw away those rough design on poor-quality paper first and read those with outstanding designs. The quality brochures will be took home for further reading, and they will usually survive for half to one year in my house. Finally, I tear pieces of paper from the brochure as a placemat when I have meals, so that the table will not get over dirty. It is very interesting I get used to reading the brochure content to kill time when I have meals alone.


I believe you have similar experience and you may buy one of the products or services listed in the brochure with great design. Not considering of the price or quality itself, the great design does much help to the business. So it is clear to see the importance and influence of the great design.


Design Matters A Lot!


Design is more than the paper you deliver to mail boxes and the content displayed on it, such as promotions, new arriving and events. It is a special way to advertise your brand with the unique and elegant design. When people got yellow letters on a blue background, I am sure most of you will think of IKEA. It is power of a successful design and branding, reminding customers of the brand as soon as they see the design.


With the development of e-commerce, online shopping shares a piece of pie in the market. Customers make a purchase referring to the images displayed on the shopping website and the reputation of the business. Therefore, the web design and photography play important roles in e-commerce.


Furthermore, social media is becoming a main way of marketing as well as the main platform to interact with customers. You cannot rely on the plain words to tell people about your products, services, discount information or coming events. It is necessary to show customers with an attractive advertisement with essential information and inspiring images.


Would anyone like to drop in the restaurant and ask for discount information? Or do people prefer to know the discount immediately when they glance at the advertisement in the window? The answer is window adverting, obviously. I am afraid you make a mistake if you think the price or the discount on advertisement is most important. People would not like to move on to the details when they see a poorly designed advertisement with ugly food image and pretty disorganized layout.


Bronze Media cares about design, as well as your success!


Great design counts for much in marketing and branding as it shows the taste and appreciation level of the business, as well as the sincerity and attraction to customers. Moreover, great design is part of successful branding, which makes people remember the product, food, service and the company. The business will be valued when people touch and see the brochures, which is the reason each company has to invest in designing.


A lot of designers are able to complete their tasks on time but they don’t ensure quality, because they have no concept of clients. Clients cannot be treated as a tool of making money, but as a partner in business to achieve both-win with you. Bronze Media is a professional company caring about clients and their success, instead of only looking at money.


Bronze Media team has experienced and best designer providing brochure design services. We deliver only the best to make sure our clients will benefit from what we’ve done. Customized designs are always provided to clients with special requirements. Our designers promise to respect your demands and give the most appropriate and suitable suggestions. A great brochure design will be the important factor of your branding and marketing, to make people know about your business and remember it when appreciating the unique work.

Shopping Cart Bag Showing Retail Basket Checkout

Our Brochure Design services:

  • Corporate Brochure Design
  • Sales Brochure Design
  • Product Brochure Design
  • Service Brochure Design
  • Menu Design
  • Security Brochure Design
  • Luxury Brochure Design


Mostly brochures are created in a booklet format of A4 or A5 sized landscape format, but custom sizes are provided as well. Standard bindings of saddle stitched or perfect bind depending on the total number of pages.


We deliver the best and cherish the high reputation. If you love great design, talk to us at +65 8292 3955 or email us at


For more of our creative design portfolio, please go to our portfolio page.