Secrets You Don’t Know about SEO Courses.

Shortage of SEO courses.SEO[1]

At a time of global economic depression and high unemployment, a position is still always on the immediate skill shortage list – digital marketing executive and SEO executive, with a well-paid treatment in a lot of companies. Most of businessmen know a little about SEO and understand the importance of the new skill, but they find difficult to hire an experienced and knowledgeable person in the field. Most job hunters attending the interview for a SEO position, they talk about Facebook and Twitter operations but no more essence of digital marketing and SEO.


People who what to improve their advertising skills can easily find a suitable and quick-impact courses. People who what to learn another language could be dazzled by various teaching modes and packages. But why is there very few SEO courses on the market? Why is it so difficult for you to find an ideal SEO executive? And why do those so-called SEO executive do not know the real SEO skills and the essence of the powerful technique?


Bronze Media SEO consultant will explain the reason for you.


Teaching SEO courses is much harder work than just doing SEO.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is on the basis of search engine algorithm and rules and take advantage of them as well. People engaging marketing related work are usually not familiar with search engine algorithm. Moreover, SEO has a lot of specific jargon as well as acronyms, which is hard to explain to the novices. In different cases, SEO campaigns should be different according to the competitiveness of the industry, category of the specific products and competitor analysis, etc. The skills result from experience but not textbooks. You may know some of the SEO experts but they are not good at teaching others on SEO skills.


SEO courses will lead to greater competition.

SEO can bring great profit with the top ranking in search engine. The ranking is the most important thing in SEO process because it results in much more traffic to your website. The more visits, the greater chance to convert visits to purchase and profits. When very few people have knowledge in SEO, they are able to achieve top ranking for their websites very easily. When an increasing number of SEO executive do the same thing to strive for the top ranking, SEO could not be an obvious strength any longer. Every SEO executive has to make double effort to make profits for their company. That is the reason of SEO course shortage.


Bronze Media has experienced and professional SEO consultants. Welcome inquiry if you need SEO courses or services.

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